World of Boats (EISCA) Collection ~ Ra Marama II, Fijian Proa

  • Boat Name: Ra Marama II
  • Boat Use: Fishing & Transport
  • Boat Type: Proa
  • Build Date: 1950
  • Country of Origin: Fiji
  • Area of Origin: South East
  • Boat Dimensions: Length 28 ft 10 in Width 9 ft 10 in



In proa sailing, the outrigger is always kept on one side in relation to the wind (normally to windward). Going about is achieved by reversing the direction of the craft, bow becoming stern and visa-versa. At the same time the steering paddle is moved from one end to the other and the tack of the sail is moved to what has become the bows.

The Fijian proa is typical of many South Seas proas in which long voyages, sometimes lasting for several weeks, are made. Their shallow draught allows them to cross the coral reefs that surround most of the shores of the South Pacific islands and the slim hull with outrigger provides good directional stability. The lattice form of the outrigger support combines strength with flexibility.


‘Ra Marama II’ was presented to the Maritime Museum by Sir Derek Jakeway, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., who was Governor of the Fiji Islands from January 1964 to November 1968 and was brought back to England freight free by P&O.

User Comments


The outrigger seems to be set on the wrong side of the hull. The less curved side of the hull in all other photos I’ve seen is away from the ama.


The Unique Technology of transportation at sea …iam so proud of being part of the boat building family..the technology is so amazing … I am originally from where they build these boats.