World of Boats (EISCA) Collection ~ Keying II Hong Kong Junk

  • Boat Name: Keying II
  • Boat Use: Fishing & Transport
  • Boat Type: Junk
  • Build Date: 1980
  • Country of Origin: Hong Kong
  • Area of Origin: Unknown
  • Boat Dimensions: Length 60 ft 0 in



Besides fishing, a junk must provide a home for a complete family including children, parents and grandparents, dogs, cats and chickens. It must provide shelter and warmth in the winter and be cool and airy in the humid summer. There must be a provision for keeping the fish alive in the flooded wet hold and space for drying and repairing the nets (hence the beams all around the deck).


‘Keying II’ was built in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong in London festival in Battersea Park.

She was presented to the Hong Kong government by Sir Yue-Kong Poe CBE, who subsequently presented her to the Association.

User Comments

Nicola Farr
I also sailed in Keying 2 with Exeter Maritime Museum, in the late eighties. Good to find out where she is and that she went abroad. Can I get any more information on what happened to her between then and now?Andrew Hicks3 years ago
Built in Hong Kong, freighted on board one of YK Pao’s ships to London, displayed on the Thames and then sailed to Exeter. Many sea voyages and then transferred to her present location when the Exeter museum was closed. I think that is the full story.
Andrew Hicks

Can I make a quick correction. The donor of the Keying was Sir YK Pao (not as spelt above). She was of course displayed moored on the Thames and not in Battersea Park!

In Exeter we always treated the surface of her timber with fish oil, the traditional method before varnish. It’s quick to apply but her crew end up smelling a bit fishy and it does blacken rather quickly.

I’ll never forget the moment we set off Chinese firecrackers on her stern as we entered Brest harbour watched by tens of thousands. Andrew

Tim Bebbington

trying to find apicture of keying moored in london sometime during the eighties,my father peter was bosun of exeter maritime museum and sailed her
many thanks tim bebbington

Tim Williams

I need plans for a Junk or some were that can build me one . I will be using the Junk on the Amazon River . I can not think of a better ship the a Junk for the river . Please help if you can.

Andrew HicksPosted

I saw the Keying in Hong Kong years ago and was on board for the voyage to Douarnenez and Brest in 1992, an amazing experience.

For pics of Aberdeen harbour where junks like this came from have a look at, entries entitled, ‘Traffic Jam Tomorrow!’ and read ‘Junks I Have Known and Loved’. Google will find them for you.


Peter Scott

Were or How do I go about to buy a twenty century chines junk to renovate?


Peter ScottMary-Lou Watt

Are you still looking for a Chinese Junk to renovate?

World of Boats Admin

Keying II has recently undergone a thorough clean below decks and a machinery overhaul. We hope to have her seaworthy by the spring of 2008.