World of Boats (EISCA) Collection ~ Brazilian Jangada


The Jangada is a beach-launched sailing craft used for fishing off the most easterly coasts of Brazil.

The logs are held together with wooden pins and the raft has a centre-board to prevent sideways drift when sailing across or into the wind. The centre-board is not a popular feature of working boats as it takes up valuable space but it is also found in the bamboo sailing rafts of Taiwan. Another unusual feature is the sewing of the sail to the mast.

The boats will often spend the night at sea fishing or waiting for the on-shore breeze to blow them back to the beach the next day. When sleeping on board the fisherman will latch himself to the boat.


We are indebted to the Science Museum and to the Brazilian Government for this boat and to Blue Star Line for bringing it to England freight free.

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