World of Boats at Eyemouth ~ Seahouses Coble

  • Boat Name: Boy’s Own
  • Boat Use: Fishing
  • Boat Type: Coble
  • BuildDate: 1933
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Area of Origin: Seahouses ~ Northumberland
  • Boat Dimensions: Length 32 ft 6 in Width 7 ft 7 in Depth 2 ft 9 in



The cobles of the North East are markedly different from the small coastal fishing boats of anywhere else in Britain. This is most noticeable in the keel arrangement – single in the bows, double in the stern. The coble is also the only beach boat with a rudder that projects well below the bottom of the boat.

These boats are launched down the beach bows first, as most are, but returns to the beach stern first. The deep bow and the double keel aft both help to keep the boat straight as it goes through the surf and as it returns.

This boat was built as a sailing coble and will be returned to that state, but it was engined for all its working life.


‘Boy’s Own’ was built for Robert Rutter of Seahouses in 1933. It was then taken over by his brother Henry, but upon the death of Robert, the boat was passed to his three sons; Raymond, John and Robert. It was used by them for fishing until 1984 when it was given to ISCA.

User Comments

Richard hitchings

I’m an old boat enthusiast from Tyneside living in Bordeaux and member of the CHANTIERS TRAMASSET association (see website).

Would it be possible to obtain plans for building a boat to this magnificent coble? Many thanks.

World of Boats Admin

Thank you for pointing out our mistake, your input is greatly appreciated.


you have a name on a website for coble roys gun it is boys own