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  • Boat Name: Unknown
  • Boat Use: Fishing
  • Boat Type: Cat Boat
  • Build Date: 1940’s
  • Country of Origin: Cayman Islands
  • Area of Origin: Unknown
  • Boat Dimensions: Length 17 ft 2 in Width 3 ft 9 in




A catboat is one that is cat-rigged, that is to say with its mast stepped well forward in the bows. It is also more often than not gaff or lug rigged.

These boats are particularly handy in calm waters such as the lagoons of tropical islands where they fish or tend traps, act as ferries, or run small cargoes ashore from visiting schooners.

It is believed that the sail plan and possibly also the hull design of this boat is descended from small boats carried by British merchantmen that traded with the West Indies in the eighteenth century.


This boat was presented by the government of the Cayman Islands.

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