World of Boat (EISCA) Collection ~ Westray Skiff

  • Boat Name: Marys
  • Boat Use: Fishing
  • Boat Type: Westray Skiff
  • Build Date: 1920’s
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Area of Origin: Orkney, Scotland
  • BoatDimensions: Length 15 ft 8 in Width 5 ft 6 in



Skiffs in the Orkneys are used for all the various forms of inshore fishing. They are light and seaworthy boats, with a lug-sail that can be lowered quickly in an emergency.


The Marys was built in the 1920s by James Rendall, Queenabracken for James Rendall of Newbigging in Papay, whose wife was Mary Allan from Westray, from whom she was named.

The Marys then came to Bucklesberry in Westray where she was used for creel fishing in the north end.

The next owner was Robbie Reid of Garth who then passed her on to William Seatter, the coal merchant. William sailed her for a few years and subsequently laid her up at the back of the coal store.

She was then found by the marine artist, T. William Ward of Ealing but was presented to the maritime museum by Mrs Leslie Browne in memory of her husband, Cecil Browne, a lifelong citizen of Exeter and a founder member of ISCA.

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